Sunday, March 30, 2014


SANDCITY is a mobile temporary project where I have built sand cities in different locations around the world. Casts of buildings from different places put together compose each Sandcity piece. The approximately twenty different models each stands for a specific country, class or time period. With the sand I construct an image of a city that is big and massive, but at the same time fragile and changeable. The sand and the surrounding speeds the process and makes the historical course of events visible. The project is talking about the differences between places in a cultural aspect, like the complexity of the mega city Mumbai in India in contrast to the rich environments of the wasteland of Iceland. The project is a development and research in the arts (r&d) project where I investigated the surrounding and the art contexts influences on the piece.

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Images from Mumbai, Iceland and the Architectural Museeum. Small images from Gärdet 2005 (the absolutely first one), Kärradal, Svindersvik, Istanbul/Kilyos and Smedsuddsbadet. credit photo Jenny Berntsson

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