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She was born in 1984, in Szikszó. She’s been painting since her early childhood. She started painting and drawing on the margin of school textbooks at a very young age, then her talent was discovered by her art teachers: this was the beginning of her journey. Although her high school studies diverted her temporarily, she continued creating artworks in her spare time, she took private art classes, attended art camps and study circles during school years and after work. The news about her talent and art started to spread. 
In the small provincial town where she grew up, she had the chance to display her works alongside with the paintings of artists, art teachers and their disciples. Her works were published as illustrations in yearbooks and reviews. She feels that most of all, she can accomplish herself in painting, in the process of creation in which she is totally immerged with intense colours and forms, imbuing them with emotions. 
She’s not a trained artist, although she feels that creativity and creation are an organic part of her life. As an enthousiastic self-taught artist, she has tried many technics but painting proved to be the one which can cure her soul, the field in which she can evolve her talent. By the means of her works of art, she also becomes a ”healer” of others. 
Her paintings radiate harmony and love through a unique universe of style and colour. Usually, she has set themes inspiring her creative activity; whenever she can, she takes pictures and then translates them into her own language. Nowadays, she paints to order as well, her most important commission was realized on a wall surface of 1,5x1,5 metres. The acknowledgement and the respect of others give her confirmation in what she already feels, that she has a vocation to painting. 
She defines the mission of her life as bringing harmony and love into the lives of people so that anyone looking at her works may be able to enter fully into the spirit the most important message, namely that we need to live every day with Joy, surrounded by Love. 

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