Thursday, August 15, 2013


Born 1961 in Lemi, lives and works in Helsinki, Finland

Anu Tuominen is an artist I return to again and again. I had trouble narrowing down to even all these images, because what leaves me spellbound is the effect all of these pieces together have on me. I wish I could see some in person. Her pieces are so creative and elegant, not to mention gorgeously photographed. 

I look for art and I make it from the familiar and the ordinary,
so nobody will notice,
be forewarned,
have time to take an attitude,
be forearmed,
rather they will be surprised,
by something inexplicable
by experience, by an intimation,
without the art situation
or its hallmarks,
they invent it for themselves,
see, not just look.

Anu Tuominen 1995

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