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Gregory Euclide (né en 1974) est un artiste contemporain et professeur américain qui vit et travaille actuellement à Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Gregory Euclide (born 1974) is an American contemporary artist and teacher who currently lives and works in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

fuzzy hold on the cycle with no mouth to name / 45 1/8 x 57 1/8 x 11 1/8 in
sumi ink on porcelain coated steel with found plastic bags, hosta, blackberry lily seed, paper and acrylic

whiteboard sketch 5 / sumi on whiteboard / variable

as if muting the land was part of knowing / 26 x 19 x 9 (Framed)
acrylic, eurocast, foam, goldenrod, hosta, moss, paper, pencil, plastic, sedum, wood, zip tie

otherworldly: optical delusions and small realities- museum of arts and design - new york, ny
an installation at the museum of arts and design for otherworldly. i painted a large traditional landscape that flows onto the floor and toward a fifth-floor window overlooking central park. the work consists of several dioramas that are built from materials that were collected on walks as well as several paper casts from boulders in central park.

part of a twisting i built into a new narrative of protection / 39 1/8 x 57 1/8 x 10 5/8 in
sumi ink on porcelain coated steel with found foam, found plastic bag, sycamore seed, corn husk, acorn caps, pine cone and paper

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