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FPDV / ARTIST PRESENTATION / András Ferenc Pintér / Hongrie / by Károly Sándor Pallai

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Quotes from PAF’s book, by Mihály Borsos:
„Painfully launching, loud sorrow, all color, all heart. This is where PAF’s book begins. Intriguing, bold color; at times aggressive composition; applications and intriguing fragments. Nearly all materials soften at PAF’s touch. The photographer cannot believe his camera when he looks into the viewfinder, and then back to the image…
It is not a firsthand message these pieces impart, but power and persuasion. Ars poetica and lifestyle at once – this is commitment. The early pieces are wild and reckless lunacies, full of magic. His pieces stand their own ground. They have soul.
PAF’s power is in his dual, perhaps even multiple, ego. In creating an image, the visual artist emerges from a philosophical plane to transcend dimensions until the artwork manifests itself. PAF extends a confident invitation to enter his world.”
Quotes from PAF’s book, by PAF:
„Life is not just about dragging along the beaten path with our heads down, but rather about lifting our eyes toward the most distant stars while blazing our trail, little by little, into the great unknown.”
1999 – 2004 Hungarian University of Fine Arts: Degree in Painting (mentor: Károly Klimó)
Artist at ArtSalon/Társalgó Gallery, /

PAF e-book, Design and layout by Dorka Ocsovai, photo by Mihály Borsos, 2013
PAF, edited by Mihály Borsos, Design and layout by Dorka Ocsovai, Kossuth Kiadó 2012
Works in public collections:
Hungarian National Gallery, Contemporary Collection:
Fox “Frida” - (100×100cm, mixed technique, 2006)

The main individual exhibits:
2012 Palais Palffy, Wien
2012 Ottimo, Wien

2012 ArtSalon/Társalgó Gallery
2007 MŰ-vész Pince (Polish Institute), “Toys Enframed”
2007 ARTUS Studio, “Getting Together”
2006 “Társalgó” Gallery, “Fresh and Crisp”
2006 Art-Szem Gallery, Millennium Center, Budapest
2000 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Epreskert Calvary (installation)

The main group exhibits:
2013 BAE 2013
2013 DIALOG, Haus Wittgenstein, Wien
2007 New Hungarian Avant-Garde, Vaszary Gallery, Kaposvár
2006 Csepel Gallery, “Fresh Colors”
2004 Made of Paper, Szombathely, Irokéz Gallery
2004 Kultur- und Kongresszentrum, Eisenstadt
2004 A38 boat, BÖF
2003 Amadeus scholars’ exhibit, Barcsay Hall
2002 Art Expo, Szentendre Art Mill

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