Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FPDV / ARTIST PRESENTATION / Péter Szabó / Hongrie / by Károly Sándor Pallai

Date of birth: 04. 08. 1983.
Nationality: Hungarian 

Creating virtual shapes and spaces, whilst applying the optical mechanism of glass is the main aim of my work. Usually,  I use optical glass, so the layers and edges can be easily reflected and multiplied. The whole system is made of these elements. 
My works have a very clear and simple outfit, focused on the internal geometry. We can discover a sort of duality through them: the material and transcendent world as well as the essence of message and scientific, technological approach. The pseudo-structure is created by reflections, without mirror. These systems are changing as the spectator observes the object from different points of view. The physical principles of glass, light and air compose the basic optical effects.
The light is able to create fine transitions, when it breaks on the matt surfaces. Mostly, the objects are made of colorless glass, but I’ve used colorful pieces too. These small parts paint the colorless block from a point of view, so a special structure comes into being. These works are made of cold elaboration with grinding, polishing and gluing.
Basically, I work with glass, but I often use different materials too: paper, concrete, wood. 
Beyonds object-creating, I am currently attending an art terapist training course. I am convinced that the role of art is very important in education and rehabilitation. So I am going to start my service in the post-conflict area of the Caucasian country of Georgia in October 2013 as volunteer art therapist. I will actively take part in the rehabilitation of the local youth for one year.

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