Saturday, April 6, 2013

FPDV N° 38 / " Chant of Self-Autopsy" / Károly Sándor Pallai & Eszter Szigethy / Hongrie

"Cultura" - 2012
Eszter Szigethy  >

Chant of Self-Autopsy

i’m proud to be a primitive animal, defending my loved ones with terrifying roars in this world swirling with sinister flares of disingenous forgetfulness. i’m a rudimentary parody of mankind. with the demand of external referency of the central nervous system, yet with a ravaging absence of willingness and reason. many times, i’m an unaccomplished, vain Passion, a sprained ontological structure with no engagement, a metaphysical micro-universe without facticity and objectivity. a thoughtless absence of existence, a wasted intentionality atrociously taken aside. lack of consciousness. a transparent dissection table. i define existence, but its sounds cancel me, i’m entwined with words, but i’m not the first name of truth. my existence is a faithless, abraded, devastated mollusc howling question marks between heaven and earth. an empty horizon. i fill the disharmonious, out-of-tune existence with shrilling sounds. there’s only one way out: to be a courier of the wholeness structured in love and grace. or not to be.

Károly Sándor Pallai  >

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