Monday, October 8, 2012


Tim Zercie  >

"Since most past cultural symbols have lost their cryptic meanings, a new non-sensible, but universal, syntax has been created through a decorative aesthetic. Any object that evokes emotion feels successful or 'special'. I have realized that unfortunately anything which is found to be 'special' is now immediately recorded, globally criticized, and quickly or easily forgotten. I would say that the images on objects should promote (and transmute into) prophesy rather than consumerism. Our human desire for a spiritual journey now procrastinates within the ephemeral infinite web of virtual data. Religion has become faith within oneself as belief in multiple gods has simply become more intriguing than true. Fortunes of one's destiny can only bring chaotic magick while a great mass of hyped predominate thought always leads to an awkward cynical environment. The only thing left sacred is our own imagination which solely gives us the power to fear and fantasize what we already know. Death & Life are one continuous cycle; within the sound of "AUM" (the creation, perseverance, and destruction of all things). Death brings value to life's endless consumption."

"Commemoration of Sad Ceremonies", Mixed Media Installation, dimensions variable, 2012.

"Interruption of the Pentagram", Performance remnants, dimensions variables, 2012.

"Fumbling With the Qabalah (Dead Homage to 3-D)", Acrylic on Canvas 200cm X 200cm, 2012.

"Does Illumincorp Really Exist? (Dead Homage to the Golden Dawn)", Sewn 1960s Found Fabric, 320cm X 120cm X 100cm, 2012.

"Poka Dot Prince (Dead Homage to Leigh Bowery)", Sewn Fabric, 140cm X 86 cm, 2012.

Panopticon Prison (Dead Homage to Vauban)", Digital Print on Canvas, & Fabric 100cm X 100 cm X (75cm X 75cm) , 2102.

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