Saturday, December 17, 2011


Karla Solano, from Costa Rica, is one of the artists who has been consistently working with photography. Until very recently, in Costa Rica this medium was limited to traditional works and Solano's presence together with a young generation of artists is challenging the art scene of Costa Rica. The territory of nature in Karla Solano's work is the human body, particularly her own. For a long time she has used x-rays as a means of metaphorically analysing her own self. In later works, her own body having undergone changes due to maternity, a superimposition of x-rays and self portraits resulted in more dramatic images like 'Under my Skin', a segmented woman whose breasts and womb were strangely segregated from the head.
Virtually 'exposing' herself in a society which has come to refuse nudity as natural, Karla Solano has concentrated herself in the detailed examination of her physical self as a subject of analysis and a reflection of time.
Vicky Pérez-Ratón

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